Seaweed and avocado salad

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A very simple salad of seaweed and avocado salad. Try it with mayonnaise.

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  • 1 whole Avocado
  • 2 piece Seaweed
  • 2 tablespoon Mayonnaise

Preparation Method

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1. Peel the avocado and remove the seed. Tear the seaweed.

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2. MIx all ingredients in a bowl.

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3. Chill in the refrigerator. Serve chill.

  • Jo Wessell

    Beautiful. My boyfriend made this, we halved the ingredients as we were making for the two of us. Went perfectly, followed the recipe and it was lovely. Defo having it again.

  • marycaddle

    Very good indeed!!

  • Fbly87

    This is amazing!!!! So easy to make and great to eat. Made a great buffett lunch and the leftovers were great just quickly warmed in a low oven the next day. worked a treat and from the storecupboard as well!! Made a great buffett lunch and the leftovers were great just quickly warmed in a low oven the next day – would work well in lunch boxes as well, my children loved it.


    Could this be made on Christmas Eve to be served on Boxing Day? Sounds lush, but not sure I will have time to cook it on Christmas Day xx

  • tmarino

    Perfect! I would not change a thing!

  • melpy

    What a great recipe. The kids love it as well as the adults!


    I just made this recipe tonight. It was a huge success with the entire family

  • Zach’s Mom

    So good. I made this for my family, and they all loved it. I would definitely make this for company.

  • liahonag

    Yummo!!!! Easy and delicious… My husband kept saying he’d pay for this dish in an upscale restaurant.

  • brianq

    It is a beautiful recipe – almost melting in your mouth :-) can’t wait to show to my guests now!

  • LtRodg75

    After reading the great reviews on this recipe, I was truly excited about making it. However, I was very disappointed with the final result.

  • Reeny

    Very tasty, not too hot – a good balance. I used everything as stated

  • LiziB

    I had 8 People over for dinner last night and every one of them enjoyed this recipe. Loved it, thank you.

  • purplesweet

    WOW!!! Time consuming but worth every minute. Would make this again and again