Fried Durian Puff

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what do you imagine when you hear the words, durian puff ? a small flaky, puffy pastry with cream that doesnt even taste like real durian, enhanced with cheap flavoring that smells so strong but doesnt even taste like real durian ? cold and almost like a sweet afterthought to a pastry dessert ? Wait till you try this recipe. Such misgivings will be altogether banished and purged from your memory.

in the Chinese tradition of deep-fried pastry deserts such as deep-fried sesame balls or yam fritters, this recipe combines durian flesh in a small pastry pocket. Deep-frying cooks the pastry and creates a crispy, thick batter layer that makes it crunchy and provides substantial texture when biting, while the heat and temperatures cause the flesh to melt and become almost cream-like, in a thick, sweet and stringy pulp like mixture that releases the natural fragrance of the durian pulp. the durian scent then proceeds to infuse the crust and leaves it smelling naturally fantastic and altogether aromatic. The resulting hot durian pastry, is an orgasmic experience for the senses, looking great in a neat little package while smelling altogether fantastic and tasting completely out of this world.

once you have tried this, going back to pathetic poor flakly litle fake durian pastries will be absolutely impossible. Embrace the light and try this superb recipe right now. you wont regret it.

Photo Credit: -Flickr -awhiffoflemongrass {creative commons}

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Preparation Time00 Hr 35 Min
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  • Ingredients
  • 400 gram premade pastry puff
  • 200 gram D24 Durian Flesh (Shell and Seeds removed)
  • 500 millilitres Cooking Oil

Preparation Method

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1. Separate pastry puff into 8 different portions. roll into square shaped. use rolling pin to flatten each portion of puff into a flat rectangular strip

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2. place 25 grams of durian flesh into the center of each strip. Fold the strip so that both ends touch each other. seal the dough by pressing down along the edges until a square shaped pastry is formed. repeat until all dough and durian filling is used up.

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3. heat up the oil in a deep wok. deep fry durian puff until it becomes golden brown. Place on a rack and allow excess oil to drain away.

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4. Serve hot !