Sugar Substitutes for Sugar free Cooking Recipes for that Diabetic

By Ibis – Feb 26, 2012
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Switching to sugar-free cooking recipes for that diabetic sounds complicated but it's in fact super easy to do. These conversions don't require any calculations. Because of the availability of lots of sweeteners, all you need to do is follow sugar-free cooking recipes for that diabetic and you may still enjoy sweet but diabetic-friendly desserts and snacks for example cakes and pastries.

One challenge, though, of sugar-free cooking recipes for that diabetic is the fact that regular sugar actually serves not only a sweetener. Additionally, it adds moisture and volume to anything that you are cooking or baking. So, how can you duplicate these effects with sugar-free recipes? After some creativity and kitchen skill, you can better the limitations of not using sugar and are available up with a tasty, healthy and well-done dessert and snack treats.

There are plenty of sugar substitutes that you can use in sugar-free cooking recipes for that diabetic. If you're simply keeping away from white sugar you'll be able to switch to a healthier brown sugar. Brown sugar has vitamins and minerals which are removed when it's polished and changed into white sugar. In case your aim would be to completely avoid sugar you'll be able to go for other healthy options for example:

• Splenda

Splenda is a popular make of sweetener great for baking, making sauces, beverages and etcetera. It's ideal for diabetics since it is made of sucralose, a kind of sugar, that the body doesn't recognize like a carbohydrate or energy source. If you are avoiding sugar totally, it is advisable to use regular splenda.

• Saccharin

Saccharin is really a substance originally present in grapes that's more than a hundred times sweeter than sugar. Just a little amount of saccharin will go a very long way. However, it doesn't add volume to anything that you are cooking which makes it not suitable for baking. Saccharin can also be not suitable for drinks due to the aftertaste.

• Aspartame

Aspartame, sold underneath the brands Equal or NutraSweet, is another hundred times sweeter than regular sugar however it tends to lose its sweetness when heated for some time, making it a bad substitute for sugar in cooking or baking.

• Honey

Honey is an extremely good sugar substitute even though it has a different taste from regular sugar along with other sweeteners. Honey will work for sweetening your coffee or tea. It is also ideal for preparing a sugar-free dessert like chocolate mousse.

There are plenty of things which you can use in sugar-free cooking recipes for that diabetic. All you need is to perform a research on which sugar substitutes which you can use and a little creativity.
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