Natural Herbal Sexual Stimulants

By Yoshi – Aug 6, 2012
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Sexual stimulants claim that they can arouse or increase sexual interest, or libido. A broader definition includes items that improve performance. Aphrodisiacs, named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and sweetness, the list of supposed sexual stimulants includes anchovies and adrenaline, licorice and lard, scallops and Spanish fly, and countless other items. This is a very partial listing of some herbal ingredients commonly present in sexual enhancers/stimulants:

Avena Sative (Wild Oats)

Avena sativa, or oats, have always been used by breeders to assist male animals "sow their oats" or grow their fertility. Avena Sativa is among the best remedies to give the central nervous system when under stress and strengthen it to handle situation. It really works to relax performance anxiety.

Brazilian Catuba Bark

Brazil's most well-known and respected libido booster. It's considered a nervous system stimulant and employed for sexual weakness and lowered libido both in men and women.

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

This Chinese herb can also be known as Goat Sex Herb. It's been used for centuries to assist improve sexual functions. It's androgen-like effects. Androgens take part in sexual desire both in men and women. Horny Goat Weed might help improve circulation and kidney function.

Longifolia Jack (Tongkat Ali)

A well known Malaysian tree, it's proper for it's aphrodisiac properties for men and women. The researched focus is towards improved desire and sexual initiation.


Grown full of the mountains of Peru, Maca root has a tendency to significantly boost libido and libido in men and ladies by improving the endocrine function. Those hormones includes all the glands, and the hormones they secrete, which exist in the body which control such conditions as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and central nervous system physiology, and levels.

Mucana Pruriens Extract

An uncommon and powerful Ayurvedic herb which has unusally high amounts of naturally occuring L-Dopa. L-Dopa is definitely an amino acid that's been the subject of over Twenty five years of extensive scientific and scientific research. It may help with improving erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, stimulating arousal, and increasing intensity and frequency of orgasms for men and women.

Muira Puama

Based in the Amazon, this extraction is extremely potent and it has an impressive research good reputation for helping restore libido and it has been accustomed to help prevent erection dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris

Also referred to as Puncture Vine and Gokshura, might help to increase semen, not by volume but sperm fertility, and at the same time frame may increase sexual interest, arousal and gratifaction in men and ladies. Tribulus might help to increase the amount of erection and help in acheiving orgasm in those previously unable.


A tree that grows through the African nations of Cameroon, Gabon and Zaire. (An identical plant in South usa is called Quebracho). The bark continues to be smoked like a hallucinogen and has been utilized in traditional medicine to deal with angina and hypertension. The herb is really a sensual stimulant for healthy women and men.
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